May09 LUNAR Guitarist/Vocalist Ryan Erwin Passes Away

Ryan Erwin

Sacramento, California based progressive metal band LUNAR announce the passing of the band’s guitarist / co-founder Ryan Erwin.

Lunar drummer / co-founder Alex Bosson (DIRE PERIL) has provided the following comment: I’m deeply saddened to inform the world that Ryan Erwin, my right-hand man in Lunar and one of my best friends in the world, has passed away.

I have known Ryan for about 2/3 of my life and was closer with him than almost anyone on this planet. On top of a wonderful friendship, Ryan was what I liked to call my musical soulmate. When it came to writing music, he could complete my sentences, so to speak. He knew what I was trying to write without me even having to explain it to him.

Throughout our lives we have seen each other go through many ups and downs. Everyone has their tragedies and demons. Some people are able to overcome them and others succumb to them. Unfortunately Ryan succumbed to his. I would like to keep the specific details of his death private out of respect for his friends and family.

Throughout our lives the biggest thing that bonded us was our love of music. Often times (especially when we were younger) we didn’t have much common ground of the a specific music we enjoyed, but we were both always passionate about the music we loved.

Ryan Erwin & Alex Bosson

On top of our shared musical interests, this band was born because Ryan and I also shared in so many of these life experiences, tragedies and demons. Having all this common ground on so many levels is what made us able to create “Theogony” and I know Ryan was extremely proud of what we had accomplished.

So if you listen to “Theogony” please think of Ryan. Honor his life with me by thanking him for aiding in creating that album because he and I were extremely proud of it and it could not have happened without him.

Ryan was one of the few people that was not related to me, but whom I absolutely considered to be my family. He was my brother and a piece of me will be missing without him in this world. So do one other thing for me and for Ryan; reach out to your friends, your parents, your children, your spouses and anyone else that you love. Hold them tight and tell them how much they mean to you. You never know when they will leave this life, so hold them while they’re here.

I love you Ryan. Rest in peace my friend.

Lunar released their debut album “Theogony” via DiveBomb Records on November 11, 2017.

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Biography: Based out of Sacramento, California, LUNAR is a progressive rock / metal band formed in 2013 when longtime friends Alex Bosson (drums/percussion) and Ryan Erwin (guitar/vocals) decided to get together and write the style of music that was always in their hearts: genre-defiant and free of restrictive influence. After securing Danny Stevenson on keyboards, the search continued for a full lineup… but to no avail. Rather than delay their progress, the trio decided to record and release their debut EP, Provenance, during the winter of 2014.

Shortly after the release of Provenance, Danny parted ways with the group, while Bosson and Erwin began work on LUNAR’s debut full-length, Theogony—a concept album based on The Nine Muses of Greek mythology. While reading about Melpomene, the Greek Muse of tragedy, Alex realized that the concepts that these Nine Muses represent—subjects such as history, tragedy, music, love, etc.—are the backbone for most creative output in this world. In keeping with the progressive element of the band, he had the idea to spread the musical and lyrical diversity of these themes across an entire album: each of the nine tracks named after one of the Muses, the music and lyrics based around the theme that each specific Muse represents.

Once more unable to flesh out a suitably complete lineup as writing progressed, Alex and Ryan decided to enlist contributions from other professional musicians around the world—initially a handful of guests laying down additional guitar solos. With the eventual additions of Ryan Price on bass and Chandler Mogel on vocals, a proper lineup for Theogony was set; and by the end of the recording process 17 different musicians had participated—including members of Hatriot, Angel Vivaldi, Helion Prime, Berried Alive, and many more.

In the summer of 2017, LUNAR signed with Divebomb Records (USA) and released Theogony on cd in November 2017. A logical step forward from Provenance, the dynamically atmospheric hour-long journey of Theogony is sure to please fans of Porcupine Tree, Opeth and Tool—to name but a few—with its lushly textured contrasts of beauty and aggression.